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The Development Status of Dialysis Machines Release time:2011-7-27 14:49:43 The author:Admin Click on the number:2508

Dialysis machines are developing to a bulk quantity commodities from a smaller one on medical equipment market over the last decades. According to the external report, during the last 10 years from 21th century on international market, the average increaseing rate of dialysis machine comes to 5.5% per year. At present, Europe is the biggest dialysis machine market all over the world, sales amount is appro. 37.5 hundred million USD per year; USA is on the second, sales amount is 28.7 hundred million USD per year; Asia and Oceania is on the third, sales amount is 15-16 hundred million USD per year. The whole sales amount of other countries and places are 10 hundred million USD per year. And because of the continuous growth of chronic renal failure patients on the whole world during these years, the America consultant firm Frost & Sullivan forecast that the whole sales amount of dialysis machines all over the world will hopeful come to 143 hundred million USD, that will make the dialysis machine comes to the big-class commodities on international medical equipment market.

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